Chess Champions Academy

           About the founder and instructor Valbona (Val) Martin

I am a two-time chess champion and have played in different world tournaments such as Europe and Canada. I taught chess at elementary schools in Toronto, Canada (where chess is part of school curriculum), and at elementary schools in Frisco, Allen, and Plano as part of their after school program. I was also featured and interviewed about chess for Stonebridge Magazine April issue 2015.

As a champion, I know what it takes to be a good chess player and how to bring the best in chess out of each student. As a chess instructor, I know how to bring the best curriculum and educational benefits that chess offers. I am professional with an Economics BA and MBA degree. I have a passion for chess and enjoy sharing my love of the game with students. I am also a mom with young kids in the McKinney Independent School District and want the best for our community.

‚ÄčFor some more background, here is an article from Stonebridge Ranch Magazine where I am being featured and interviewed about chess.

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