Chess Champions Academy

Chess builds essential skills for kids such as problem solving, creative thinking, increased ability to focus, and enhanced self-esteem.

Chess Camp

Chess camps are a fun way to introduce chess to newcomers as well as deepen the understanding of the game for more advanced players. Whether your child is a beginner or casual chess player, this enrichment camp will improve every child’s game while making it fun and exciting. Lessons are tailored toward the skill level of the children.

Lessons are taught by Val Martin a two time chess champion. Group discounts are available. Click MORE for how to register. 

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After-school Program

To be a champion requires more than simply being a strong player, one has to be a strong human being as well.

                    Anatoly Karpov

          (World Chess Champion & Grandmaster)

Chess program is held  once a week from 3:00 - 4:00 pm at your school’s site. Lessons are taught by two time chess champion Val Martin & tailored toward the skill level of the kids. Beginners will learn about essential chess moves, definitions & basic tactics while more Advanced players will grapple with chess strategies, importance of controlling the center, advanced tactics and how to checkmate the King with different chess pieces. 


Private Lessons